AC Maintenance

Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. After all, when heat and humidity levels soar here in Chicago, you count on your AC to keep your house cool and comfortable. That way, when you return home after a day at Gardens or the Zoo, you know you’ll be greeted by an oasis of conditioned air to cool you off.
Of course, the reliability of your AC is highly dependent on how often you maintain it. The same way you change the oil in your car to help improve gas mileage and prevent breakdowns, you should plan to maintain your air conditioner for a performance boost and longer lifespan. Sai Air Comfort Air Conditioning, Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning offers the maintenance services you’re looking for! Count on our experience to tune-up your air conditioner in preparation for another Sai Air Comfort summer.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Some HVAC companies offer a basic cleaning and flashlight inspection. However, the team at Sai Air Comfort goes above and beyond this to ensure maximum comfort and performance for the upcoming season. We guarantee the results of our Precision Air Conditioner Tune Up, which includes:

   Air Delivery System Analysis
   Safety & Efficiency Inspection
   System Malfunction Check
   System Cleaning
   Thermostat Battery Replacement

Benefits of Professional AC Maintenance

Scheduling a visit from Sai Air Comfort to tune up your air conditioner every spring is an affordable way to enjoy many money-saving benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • High electricity costs in the summer are due in large part to inefficient air conditioning. With an equipment cleaning and tune-up, you can expect your AC to reach its full potential, keeping you comfortable while lowering your energy bills at the same time.

  • Repairs
  • A tuned-up air conditioner is far less likely to break down than a neglected one. Help your cooling equipment make it all summer without a hitch by scheduling maintenance in the spring.

  • Longer equipment
  • Making annual preventative maintenance a priority could help your AC last years longer, allowing you to put off an expensive replacement for a few more summers.

  • Warranty coverage
  • Many manufacturers only uphold parts warranties for equipment that receives preventative tune-ups every year. Skipping maintenance could void your warranty, leaving you to foot the bill if a part fails prematurely. Be sure to keep records of our maintenance visits so you receive the warranty coverage you deserve.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Sai Air Comfort

Keep your cooling system operating at peak efficiency and correct problems before they become costly emergencies is to have Sai Air Comfort perform an annual system tune-up and safety inspection. It’s much easier to schedule a convenient tune-up than it is to deal with an untimely breakdown. Make AC maintenance a priority this spring and enjoy both immediate and long-term benefits. Our experienced, background-checked technicians promise to deliver a job well done the first time, every time.

Call Sai Air Comfort today at (224) 435 6077 to schedule AC maintenance when it’s convenient for you!

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